Our Mission




To create and provide modern, visual tools that allow children to learn social, organizational and developmental skills for home, school and life-long success.  Our products combine current, interactive technology with research on how children at different developmental stages best learn and develop. 


BFBM is the creator of the Wonkido Visual Organizer for Kids and the animated series, “Wonkidos.”  At BFBM, we are committed to combining interactive technology with cutting-edge research in child development to create mobile applications, software and videos that help children learn social, organizational and developmental skills.  We passionately believe that our products will empower children at various developmental stages to better understand and succeed in the world around them.    

BFBM’s commitment to bringing together the best of educational technology and child-development research is not only evidenced by our products but also by our support of the Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds Foundation.  The BFBM Foundation was created to promote the awareness, advancement and distribution of technologies supporting educational strategies and visual tools to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as other learning needs.